2020 Palm Springs Golf Championships

There is a distinction between playing for prize money (Rule 3-1), gambling or wagering that is contrary to the purpose of the Rules (Rule 7-2), and forms of gambling or wagering that do not, of themselves, breach the Rules. An amateur golfer or a Committee in charge of a competition where amateur golfers are competing should consult with the Governing Body if in any doubt as to the application of the Rules. In the absence of such guidance, it is recommended that no cash prizes be awarded so as to ensure that the Rules are upheld. The Committee in charge of the competition has contacted the Governing Body (the USGA) and has determined that the size and range of expected daily payouts is an acceptable form of gambling and participation in the optional player financed daily payout pot is not “playing for prize money.” Acceptable Forms of Gambling - There is no objection to informal gambling or wagering among individual golfers or teams of golfers when it is incidental to the game . It is not practicable to define informal gambling or wagering precisely, but features that would be consistent with such gambling or wagering include: ❍ The players in general know each other; ❍ Participation in the gambling or wagering is optional and is limited to the players; ❍ The sole source of all money won by the players is advanced by the players; ❍ And the amount of money involved is not generally considered to be excessive. Therefore, informal gambling or wagering is acceptable provided the primary purpose is the playing of the game for enjoyment, not for financial gain. 16 USGA Rules & Amateur Status 2020 Palm Springs Golf Championships